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We are Polish kennel for Coton de Tulear dogs.
The first representative of this wonderful breed, Elza, came to us in 2015.
At the beginning of the following year, Fantazja (we call her Ana) joined us.
These girls won the hearts of the whole family and our friends too.
They are joyful, sometimes funny: they improve our mood, they are inquisitive and they love to get our attention.
They learn quickly, especially new tricks.

In April 2017 came to us boy - Mango, from sunny Barcelona.

Dogs run together and play in the garden.

This is a beautiful view.
Many owners of Cotons claim that it’s difficult to have only the one of these wonderful pets.
Yes, they are addictive!!!
We hope you also discover a passion and love for our dogs.


Kind regards,
Charming Plush


„ There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly, faithful dog” Konrad Lorenz